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Real Estate

Real Estate

If you are interested in buying an office, house, land or any other real estate in Ecuador, at Quito Legal we offer personalized support with the transaction that will allow you to have the peace of mind that your interests are protected. We take care of delivering comprehensive advice on the purchase or sale of real estate, as well as the analysis of the particular conditions of each client, in case of marriage certificates, dissolution of the marital partnership, effective possessions among others.

Our area of action is developed, among others, in the following:

  • Advice on buying or selling offices, land, apartments, houses or other real estate
  • Preparation of Deeds of Sale and Mortgages
  • Preparation of Deeds of Sale Promise
  • Cadastre Updates
  • Liquidation of the conjugal union
  • Marriage contract
  • Effective Possessions
  • Family Heritage Survey

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